The Nervous System:

There are two different systems, Central and Peripheral Nervous System also known as CNS and PNS. The structural classification of CNS is the brain and spinal cord, the classification of PNS is the nervous oustide the brain and spinal cord. This blog is about the Central Nervous System (CNS), and information about dendrites, axons, and synaptic clefts.

nervous system


  • Dendrites
  • Axons
  • Synaptic Cleft



Neurons are specialized in transferring messages from the brain to the part of the body that is being wanted to move. The neuron processes the message, electircal signals, toward the cell body which is the dendrites, but if there is nerve impusles and conducts them away from the cell body. Its called axons.



The neurons have hundreds of brancing dendrites, but has only one axon which arises from the cell body called axon hillock. Each axon is connected at the thier terminal end forming thousands of axon terminals. In these terminals contains hundreds of membrane sacs that contains chemicals call neurotransmitters. Axons job is to transmit nerve impulses away from the cell body to the next, and if there is no neurotransmitter in the axon terminal then the message wont be sent to where it was intended on going. Axon terminal

Synaptic Cleft:

Each axon terminal doesnt touch the next neuron, its actually seperated by a tiny gap called the synaptic cleft. This gap helps the neurons to work properlly because if two neurons touch, there would be involuntary movement at the source the two neurons touch. The reason is because its two electrical currents touching, and combinging forces with each other making it hard for the message to get across to the muscle or limb.



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